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Principle of perfection

Management of Brza Pratka, represented by its director and manager is guided by the principle of perfection is being implemented, enforced and upgraded at all levels of the company. The principle of perfection is in synergy with the vision for the development and progress of the company whose business is providing Brza Pratka and logistics services which always tries to adapt to customer requirements and to balance the interests and wishes of all stakeholders.
The principle of perfection in practice implementing that:

– Satisfying the requirements and expectations as best we can to all our customers;
– Always providing the best services at an affordable price that is always competitive on the market;
– Always try to follow and implement technological development whereby better able to respond to the wishes and expectations of our customers;
– Always try to maintain good relationships with our partners and collaborators;
– Constantly trying to most balanced full and satisfying all stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, the public;
-Maintenance growth share Brza Pratka Market in Macedonia and abroad;
– Dedicated to investing in human resources and maintain excellent working environment;
– The development, improvement and acquiring new work skills of staff of Brza Pratka;
– Development of leadership qualities in management;
– Efficient and optimal use of resources;
– Reinvestment and new development;
– Continuously improve the quality of services provided by Brza Pratka.

To achieve these goals, the management of Brza Pratka continuously developes and upgrades the management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

I deeply believe that in life and in business the key to success in the pursuit of perfection. I think the biggest secret of sustainable development and maintaining a successful business is perfection in all aspects. Excellence in the professional relationship with our customers, their precious items confidence Courier to be delivered to their final goal, excellence in business practices and habits and excellence in our work and resources. Everything below the desired level of perfection for us is unacceptable.

Kristijan Blagoev, Direcotr of Brza Pratka

Our clients

  • I am long time partner with them. We need a regional transport company and Brza Pratka is our pick.
    Omer Omeroglu
    RPM Trade DOO
  • We are very satisfied and we will continue to work with BrzaPratka for all our transport needs.
    Hristo Radev, RELAX 700 DOOEL