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Brza Pratka DOOEL is a private company with an extensive experience in the field of cargo delivery. On the Macedonian market we operate since 2009 an in that period we have developed a vast network of bases and subsidiaries in Macedonia and the region. The primary service is Macedonia express, document transport, cargo and other various goods around Macedonia. Also we offer international regional transport of goods with regular transport lines between Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo and Romania. We also have ad hoc transport lines to other more distant EU countries. To be able to provide this services we have a rich variety of modern and regularly serviced car park who is handled by a very skillful team supported by professional logistical team.

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Brza Pratka DOOEL Skopje

We are one of the top 5 private companies on the market for cargo and transport services. From our start back in 2009 until now we have managed to develop and maintain an corporate structure of more than 50 employees and more than 50 vehicles.
We provide service for more than 15.000 clients yearly and 250.000 deliveries. This numbers we are proud to say that are growing every year. We are able to do this because we have a 100% coverage of Macedonia and a significant one of the neighboring countries. With the help of our associates we also do delivery around the world.
We have highly developed logistics and courier service that can deliver items quickly and professionally.


Our main goal is to reach and maintain a leadership position in the field of courier services in the Macedonian first and then the regional market. Our vision is to be the company that best suits the needs of customers and to cultivate an image of a socially responsible company.


Our mission is to provide for our clients fast and professional service of every cargo so that we can enable them to progress and develop their businesses. In addition, each shipment we treat with the utmost responsibility and strive to deliver as soon as possible to the desired destination. As one of the biggest Macedonian companies in the field of courier services, we strive to offer to our potential customers the best service at an affordable price. Our greatest desire is transporting your goods to contribute to increasing and maintaining overall economic growth of the country.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility for us is an integral part of the corporate strategy, integrated into the company in the form of a value system in social, environmental and economic dimensions who has the purpose to provide benefits for customers, employees and end users, and deliver products and services with care and responsibility for people, resources and the environment.