Frequently asked questions

  • For how many days do you pay ransom?

Ransoms are payed the next day because there is the need for one-day processing, but if the ransom is made in a place from zones 2 or 3 then it can be picked up after a couple of days.


  • Do you do delivery to remote places every day?

All habitat places are divided into zones, the time for delivery depends of the zone. For more information, check the zones on the Macedonia Exress Page.


  • Until what hour do you do pick up of shipment?

Our couriers form Skopje do pick up no later than 15:30, but you can drop of a shipment at any of our bases no later than 19:30. In other cities the time gets prolonged because of the vans that are doing the transport to the central base in Skopje.


  • In what time do you do delivery?

In Skopje we do delivery from 09:00 until 15:00, in the other cities we do delivery even later, it depends of the arrangement with the local currier..


  • DO you deliver only on home address or can it be done on my work address?

If your work place is in the same area as your living address then there is no problem for that option to happen, but if you insist that it be delivered to your work place, then it will be one working day later because your shipment needs to pass to another courier, working that area.


  • Is there a risk of damage?

We try oru best to avoid any damages to your cargo but that is still a minor possibility. If your cargo is damaged check our page about refund possibilities, but before you give us your cargo, check the page with helpful advice about properly packing your cargo.

  • Do you refund damaged or lost cargo?

For lost cargo we refund up to 15 times the cost for transport, for damaged goods up to 10 times the cost of transport, as instructed by the laws of postal service of the Republic of Macedonia. If you want to report damaged or lost goods you can do so in many ways: 1. E-mail at prijavi@brzapratka.com, come directly to our many bases and offices or use the online form on the Refund Page.


  • Will the courier will check if I am home before delivery?

Yes, the courier must contact you before coming to the stated address in the waybill.


  • Can the courier hold on to the shipment for a couple of day because I can not accept it?

The courier will always try to reach you in 3 consecutive working days to deliver your cargo. In the cities where we have bases that can be up to 1 week.


  • Can I pick up a returned shipment without my copy of the waybill?

Yes, after confirming your information.


  • Can I pick up a ransom without my copy of the waybill??

Yes, after confirming your information.


  • Can I return the shipment if I don’t like it?

Yes, if you don’t like it, we will return it to the sender.

  • Can I open the shipment before accepting it?

Yes, but only if that option is bote by the sender of the cargo.

  • After the courier leaves, if I decide I don’t like the cargo can I return it?

Yes, but you will be charged for the service as if it is a new delivery.

  • Ways of payment?

The payment is regulated between the Sender and Reciever, they agree who will pay for the transport service, also there is an option of both paying for parts of the cost.

  • Can I pay with a card?

No, we only accept cash and for our regular clients we accept invoice payment.