Europe Exress

Europe Express


With this service, we offer transport of cargo in countries that are in the EU and also Russia, Turkey and countries like Bosnia and Monte Negro. The delivery is through a land route and only for cargo not exceeding 30kg or 0.2 m3 how are not going under customs control, or have small value and are not for trade purposes. In case the cargo goes under customs control, we can make a separate agreement for another price for delivery through customs terminal. For some of the countries listed you can also use our service buying with a courier and buying out. For these additional services clients can only pay for them in Macedonia. The price list is listed below.

Deadline for delivery: the published deadlines for delivery are in working hours. The time for delivery is based upon the statistics of regular time to transit to state capitals of listed countries for delivery. For cargo that is addressed to islands or remote locations, for cargo that goes under customs control, shipments with outdated or incomplete address of other contact information of the Receiver the time for delivery will be postpone. Also depending of the location of the pick of cargo in Macedonia, the time for delivery can be postpone for one work day.

Tax for island delivery: For island delivery there is an additional charge of 20 eur.

Delivery to Bosnia, Monte Negro and Switzerland: Every delivery can be accompanied with an invoice, original with 3 copies, placed in envelope, stacked to the cargo box. A condition for this option is DDP service. The Receiver pays for all the customs debt, tax and VAT. In the price of this service includes standard customs control of 3 cargoes.

Limitations: Every shipment can only hold one cargo box not exceeding the maximum weight of 31.5kg. Minimal dimensions of the box are 22.9cm x 16.2 cm. The maximal length of the cargo can be 175cm. Maximal dimensions are (in cm): sum of length + sum of height and width times 2 not larger then 300cm.

Cover: The wrapping of the cargo is the responsibilities of the client. Relevant and adequate packing is insurance for the safety of the content in the cargo. In transport trough Europe the shipment will probably pass through around 10 warehouses. For adequate packing of your cargo check our manual in the Packing Guide page.

Shipments contain documents must be in a cardboard envelope.

Separate packets duck taped one to the other are not acceptable for transport. They must be placed in a larger box.

Declared value: In the price of doing service we also include the responsibilities of Brza Pratka and is set at 50 eur. At the request of the Sender this amount can be increased to the real value of the cargo. For that option, the person paying for the service also has to pay the following deduction: 1.5% of the declared value of the cargo and also if the content of the cargo includes items under the FRAGILE category there is an additional fee of 1% of the declared value for those items.

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