Packing Guide

Good secure packing of cargo is an important condition in increasing the safety during transport. If you don’t have adequate material for cargo packing we can offer your assistance in our offices, in the form of this covers:

Bubble foil,

Envelope A4 size

Pocket waybills

Cardboard box LARGE

Cardboard box MEDIUM

Cardboard box SMALL

Box for bottle 1

Box for bottle 2

Box for bottle 3

Box for bottle 6

Box C5

Envelope C5

Envelop A2

Envelope А3

Envelope А4

Envelope А4 – Paper


Stickers – Arrows

Stickers – Waybills

Stickers – Fixed hours

Stickers – FRAGILE

Stickers 104Х147

Stretching foil, hand- 100m.

Stretching foil, hand — 300 m.

Brza Pratka offers many ways of buying additional quantities of materials for packing.

18 useful tips for packing:

  1. –Stickers “Fragile” and “ATTENTION” can`t replace proper cover for your cargo. They are just informative.
  2. Pick the proper size of cover for the objects you are sending via cargo. If there is empty space in the box, there is always the risk of displacement and breaking. In the case of not enough space there is the risk of bursting and damaging the content of the box.
  3. Always use good quality materials when packing. Bear in mind their duration and solidity when choosing wrapping material. Use politer cream, bubble wrap, air thigh bags.
  4. Always choose five-layered boxes with good quality and outside layer.
  5. Use materials for filling in the empty space like shredded paper, politer cream etc… so that you can protect your cargo from unnecessary movement.
  6. Don’t allow the any movement of the content inside the box. Fragile, glass items should be individually packed with couple of layers of wrapping paper and fill in the empty space with shredded paper or similar.
  7. Use width duct tape to pack your boxes.
  8. If you have a wrapping machine use it to pack your boxes
  9. Put the items in the middle of the box so that they don’t touch the outer walls of the box and use fillers like shredded paper for the empty space.
  10. Cargo like dusty materials that has the risk of spillage should be placed in plastic containers or air lit bags. Then they should be placed in individual correct sized boxes.
  11. If you are sending a gift, don’t use the same cover you both the gift with. Many items are sold in attractive layers that have no transport protective value.
  12. Use triangle boxes like for bottles to pack maps, drawings of pictures.
  13. Protect your disks, audio or video carriers with soft cloth for filling around each element.
  14. Always use cardboard separators in the inside of the box. They will protect of all unwanted contact between fragile items.
  15. You can use already used cardboard. Just be sure that it is not damaged or soft. Remove from the box all already used stickers that are not valid anymore.
  16. Don’t use damaged cardboard boxes.
  17. Don’t use bags of low quality material.
  18. Don’t send illegal or hazards items because you will answer for them.