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Due to increasing workload we are hearing a warehouse worker. If you want to join our successful team and you think you are qualified, please send CV with a picture at prijavi@brzapratka.com.

ntroduces changes in relation to charging by zones


Brza Pratka always strives to be a step ahead of the competition, so the management team of Brza Pratka decided to introduce two additional zones in order to cover the largest possible area for delivery. The new division into zones see below:


1st A zone (it includes almost all Macedonian cities and some villages near the cities themselves, in which the delivery of a new day. For shipments sent to Macedonia Express delivered the next business day).

1st B zone (it includes several towns and villages being served two to three times a week, but the price for the service is the same as for the 1st A zone. There is potential to increase the volume of shipments to reduced the term of delivery.)

2nd zone (comprising the villages of no more than 10km from the main road, but large, developed and easily accessible villages and are part of the municipalities that work. The delivery of these settlements is made of three or four days or once a week. )

3-second zone (covering villages over 20km from the main road, not near the city or other major villages that are hard to reach and villages in the mountains. The term of delivery is longer and the price is calculated on the basic cost of transport adds 30 denars for each kilometer plus VAT).





Brza Pratka opens new bases


Due to the success of the company in recent years and increased the number of customers, the manager of the Brza Pratka has decided to expand as it would open new bases in the cities in which we did not have offices.

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